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               he Patient Care Co-Ordinators, along with                                            PRE-DIALYSIS SUPPORT AND EDUCATION
              Ambulatory Care and other members of the
        Tkidney team run Education Sessions three times
        a year in Beaumont Hospital. These sessions are
        specifically aimed at patients who are at stage 4 to 5
        of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) (see page 8, Book 1 -                   Living with
        Kidney Disease - A Guide for Patients) or (page 5,
        Book 5 - Living with Chronic Kidney Disease). The aim
        of the afternoon is to provide a structured programme                          BOOK 5
                                                                             IRISH KIDNEY ASSOCIATION CLG
                                                                               Donor House, Block 43A
        of education in an informal environment which focuses                 Park West, Dublin , D12 P5V6
                                                                                Phone: 01-6205306
                                                                             Lo-Call: 1890-543539 (KIDNEY)
        on the requirements of individuals living with CKD.                Email:  | Web:
                                                        The first half of the day is dedicated to
                                                     short presentations delivered by the
             A PATIENT REPORTED:                     different members of the team.
            "Good to see other peoples                  Firstly, the renal Counsellor invites
                                                     attendees to introduce themselves.
           concerns and great to talk to
                                                     Following this, Ambulatory Care discuss
             people who have been on
                                                     functions of the kidney, followed by a
                      dialysis..."                   nutrition session by the renal dietician

                                                     who introduces the rationale of the renal
                                                     diet through practical means.

        P.32 Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis – A Guide for Patients
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