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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

         Olive McEnroe, Ruth O’Malley
               and Louise McSkeane,
             Ambulatory Care Nurses

          "It was informal enough
          to be comfortable to ask
                                                              A PATIENT REPORTED:
                                                 "It helps to be reminded of the fact that there are
                                                 others in the same boat, also that there is always

                                                                   someone to help."
           The final talk is delivered
        by the Patient Care Co-Ordinator
        who discuss their role, along with  support to the patient and their    dedicated to dialysis options
        some practical advice relating      family.                             delivered in the form of
        to benefits and entitlements,         Following a light lunch the       workshops.
        as well as providing on-going       second half of the day is             The group is divided to
                                                                                facilitate further discussion with
                                                                                the relevant support staff
                                                                                working in the different areas of
                                                                                dialysis. The patient will have the
                                                                                opportunity to see the different
                                                                                machines involved in dialysis as
                                                                                well as speak to other patients
                                                                                who are currently receiving their
                                                                                  The informal setting of the
                                                                                workshops is of great benefit to
                                                                                the patient and is considered by
                                                                                many to be the most beneficial
                                                                                part of the day.
                                                                                  For more information contact
                    Mary T. Murphy, Eileen McBrearthy and Angela Bagnell
                                Patient Care Co-ordinators                      01-8528395.

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