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                 aintaining or returning to         include denial, anger, bargaining, depression,
                 good health involves more than     and acceptance.
        Mmedical matters. It involves                  Read the following descriptions and see
        accepting chronic kidney disease,           if you recognise any of them. You will be
        learning to live with it, and getting on    happy to know that, with time, most people
        with your life. To adjust to living with    adjust emotionally to chronic kidney disease
        kidney disease, you are going to need the   and return to their former outlook on life.
        help and understanding of your family,                                                      COPING WITH DIALYSIS
        your friends, and your healthcare team.     Denial
           But, the most important person is YOU,      At first, many people deny they have
        the person with kidney disease.             chronic kidney disease and might need
           The impact kidney disease has on your    kidney replacement therapy. They cannot
        life depends on you. If you let kidney      believe this is happening to them. Some are
        disease rule your world, it will.           convinced that, somehow, the laboratory
           Successfully living with kidney          has mixed up their blood test with someone
        disease takes a positive attitude, a        else’s. For many, this is the first chronic,
        commitment      to   succeed,    and    a   irreversible disease they have ever had to
        determination to maintain your usual        face, and they are not able to accept it right
        lifestyle – and the results are worth it.   away.
           To help you with this process, we are
        going to discuss:

           l Learning to live with chronic
             kidney disease
           l Sexual issues
           l Staying healthy and enjoying life

           For many people, discovering that
        their kidneys have failed comes as a great
        shock. For others who have known, for
        years, that they have kidney problems, it
        is perhaps less of a shock. But still, being
        told you have end-stage kidney disease
        is never welcome news. It takes time to
        accept this fact and to adjust to it.

           Many people go through a number of
        emotional stages after being told their
        kidneys have failed. Of course, not
        everyone goes through the same stages,
        or in the same order. These stages may

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