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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

           The people who have the most difficulty            sooner or cannot be cured. Sometimes, they are
        accepting their diagnosis are usually those who       angry at everyone, including their friends, family
        have had the least warning. One day they may be       and healthcare team, simply because they feel
        feeling fine; the next day they are told their        angry.
        kidneys have failed. That is a big mental hurdle to      Of course, no one’s really to blame — not you,
        overcome.                                             your doctor or anyone else. There is probably
           Those who have the least difficulty are usually    nothing you could have done to prevent the
        those who have known for years that this was a        disease, and your treatment would probably have
        possibility and have prepared themselves,             been the same, even if your doctor had diagnosed
        emotionally, for this day. With time, most people     the problem sooner. This stage does not usually
        get over this stage and accept that their kidneys     last very long. Anger fades, as you adjust to living
        are failing or have failed.                           with chronic kidney disease.

        Anger                                                 Bargaining
           Anger is a common response for many people            Most people respond to bad news by trying to
        when told their kidneys have failed. They are angry   bargain their way out of it. So it is not surprising
        at themselves for getting sick or angry at their      that, when some people are told their kidneys are
        doctor because the problem was not diagnosed          failing or have failed, they try to bargain their way
                                                                               out of the situation. They promise
                                                                               themselves that if they can have
                                                                               working kidneys again, they will go
                                                                               on a diet, exercise regularly, and
                                                                               give up smoking and drinking.
                                                                               Though these changes are likely to
                                                                               benefit your health, they will not
                                                                               change the diagnosis of kidney
                                                                               disease. Unfortunately, chronic
                                                                               kidney disease is one of those
                                                                               things you cannot bargain your
                                                                               way out of — no matter what you
                                                                                  At this stage, it is often helpful
                                                                               to find out everything you can
                                                                               about kidney disease and the
                                                                               different treatments. There have
                                                                               been recent advances in treatment
                                                                               strategies, for kidney disease, prior
                                                                               to kidney replacement therapy.
                                                                               There also have been advances in
                                                                               dialysis and transplant technology.
                                                                               There are many reasons why you
                                                                               should be able to live a productive
                                                                               and enjoyable life.

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