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                                                       3          CHAPTER 1
                                                                  Kidney Replacement Therapy Options

                                                       5          CHAPTER 2
                                                                  Starting on Haemodialysis

                                                       10         CHAPTER 3

                                                                  Complications of Haemodialysis

                                                       12         CHAPTER 4

                                                                  Access for Haemodialysis

                                                       18         CHAPTER 5

                                                                  Home Therapies

                                                       24         CHAPTER 6

                                                                  Supportive Care of Kidney Disease

                                                       27         CHAPTER 7

                                                                  Kidney Transplantation

                                                       32         CHAPTER 8

                                                                  Pre-Dialysis Support and Education

                                                       34         CHAPTER 9

                                                                  Coping with Dialysis

                                                       38         APPENDIX

                                                                  Contact Numbers
                                                                  Useful Information Websites
                                                                  Kidney Dialysis Centres
                                                                  IKA Renal Support Centre

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         P.2 Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis – A Guide for Patients
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