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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

        CHAPTER 2

          Patient on dialysis                                                                       STARTING ON HAEMODIALYSIS

                sually, when you start on dialysis   nurse. It is amazing how anxieties can be
                you will be admitted to hospital.    put to rest by discussing your concerns.
        UMost people have 3 sessions over
        a three-day period, starting with a two-         One of the patients said:
        hour session; this is increased at the next      “I was really worried as the machine
        session to two and a half hours and then     kept bleeping, I thought it was not
        3 hours. This allows your body to get        working. The nurse told me the
        gradually used to the procedure and            machine     can    bleep    frequently,
        the toxins are removed slowly.                      throughout the treatment, and
            It is normal to feel very                         that it was nothing for me to
                                          “I was really
        anxious at first but do not                             worry about.”
                                         worried as the
        worry. You will feel less                                   When you have your first
                                         machine kept
        anxious once you are                                     treatment, the nurse will
                                      bleeping, I thought
        connected to the dialysis                                connect you to a blood
                                           it was not
        machine.                                                pressure monitor and cardiac
            Do not be afraid to                               monitor. This is routine for all
        express your anxieties to your                      new patients.
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