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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

           One of the most important means of                        feeling, the amount of urine you may pass,
                                                          “It is
        controlling your blood pressure, when you                       your blood pressure and how much fluid
                                                    important to
        are on dialysis, is by adjusting your dry                        removal you can tolerate.
                                                   limit your fluid
        weight. If your blood pressure rises, your                          Each person can tolerate different
                                                       intake as
        doctor may advise that you have your                             amounts, depending on a number of
                                                   discussed with
        dry weight reduced. If you are feeling                          different factors. It might be useful to
                                                     your team.”
        dizzy and light-headed after dialysis or                       measure the cup/glass that you use at
        having cramps, your doctor may increase your                home, and this will help you to limit your fluid
        dry weight.                                           intake as discussed with your team. It is important
           The amount of fluid to be removed is               that you adhere to the advice given by your
        individualised, and depends on how you are            dietitian and limit the intake of fluids.

        WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARRIVE                                                             You will be asked
        FOR DIALYSIS?                                                                           or helped to weigh
           The dialysis unit will arrange transport to the
        unit, if you require. This may be either by minibus
        or taxi. When you come into the dialysis unit you
        will meet your nurse, who will discuss with you any
        difficulties since your last treatment. All patients
        have a medical file which is kept up-to-date with all
        relevant information.
           When you arrive, for dialysis, ensure you empty
        your bladder if you still have a urine output. You will
        be asked or helped to weigh yourself. It is
        important to wash your hands prior to starting your
        treatment, after which you will sit in a dialysis
        chair/bed, according to your preference, in order to

          Arriving for dialysis

                                                              receive your treatment. The nurse will carefully
                                                              clean your dialysis access: the skin, if you have a
                                                              fistula, or the end of your permcath.

                                                                 Arteriovenous Fistula

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