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                                       FOR KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION

        From this table, you
        will see that blood         Recipient           Recipient           Recipient           Recipient
        group O donor can be          Blood               Blood               Blood               Blood
        considered a                Group O              Group A             Group B            Group AB
        universal donor i.e.,
        they can give a
        kidney to anyone and         Donor               Donor               Donor               Donor
        blood group AB              Can be              Can be              Can be              Can be
        recipient is a
        universal recipient,
        i.e., they can receive
        a kidney from                                                                          O, A, B,
        anyone.                         O                O or A              O or B
           These are                                                                             or AB
        important rules in the
        process of

                                              Cross matching a potential donor
                                              against their recipient

           Once blood group compatibility
        has been confirmed, the donor has
        to be tested for tissue type
        compatibility. The tissue type of the
        donor and recipient will be
        determined in the tissue typing
        laboratory by way of a blood test.
        This process may take up to six
        weeks. The better the match                              “Once blood group compatibility
        between the recipient and the donor,                     has been confirmed, the donor
        the better the long-term success of                      has to be tested for tissue type
        kidney transplantation.                                             compatibility.”

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