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Reading DNA results to
                                                                                              analyse a patient’s
                                                                                                       HLA type

                              “The best match is where all 6 sets of

                               markers are identical, and these are

                                    referred to as a ‘full house’ or

                                        ‘zero mismatched graft’.”

           Your blood is tested for tissue     Donor and recipient matching     transplantation
        markers called HLA                         is important for two         than just tissue
        antigens to determine                      reasons. Firstly, because    type matching
        your tissue type. Potential                a better match often         and, it is entirely
        donors are tested for                      results in better success    possible, to get excellent long-
        6 different sets of                        of the transplant. Poor      term kidney transplant success
        markers, and you will be                   matching can make            with a poorly-matched kidney.
        informed of how similar                    kidney transplantation a        When testing donor and
        your tissue type is to the                 second or third time much    recipient compatibility, we have
        recipient. The best match is        more difficult.                     to avoid giving a patient a
        where all  6 sets of markers           Secondly, it is also important   kidney to which he or she has
        are identical, and these are        to realise that there are many      formed antibodies, as this would
        referred to as a full house or      more factors that go into the       result in the early failure of the
        zero mismatched graft.              success of kidney                   donor kidney.

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