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            To be considered for a kidney transplant there are a number of steps that you must go
                  through. You must be placed on the national kidney transplant waiting pool.
             This is a pool of potential recipients, from which all deceased donor kidneys that are
                                       transplanted in Ireland, are matched.

           1.     Evaluate if you are healthy enough to receive a kidney transplant.
           2.     Prepare you for the operation.
           3.     Refer you to the Transplant Department at Beaumont Hospital.
           4.     You should be listed on the transplant waiting pool.
           5.     Find a suitable kidney for you.
           6.     Perform the kidney transplant operation.
           7.     Help you stay healthy after your kidney transplant.


        Once your kidney function falls below 20%, your       of factors, including your age and cause of renal
        doctor may begin the process of working you up for    disease.
        a kidney transplant. Before you embark on                Tests that will be required include:
        transplant surgery, you need to be sure that you      ● Blood tests to establish your tissue type, blood
        are fit enough for a transplant. You will only be        group, tests for Hepatitis B, C and HIV (AIDS test)
        placed on the transplant waiting pool when your          and other viruses.
                          kidney function has fallen to       ● Chest x-ray.
                               15% or less. There is no       ● ECG.
             “It is possible     point in putting you on      ● Cardiac Echo Scan.
          that the results of      the transplant waiting     ● Abdominal ultrasound scan.
           these tests may         pool too early. You will   ● Dental evaluation (by your own dentist).
        determine that you are     only be put on this pool   ● Smear test (for women).
             not a suitable        if you are ready to        ● Prostate test (for men).
            candidate for a                                   ● Older patients, patients hoping to receive a
                 kidney            receive    a     kidney
              transplant.”       transplant. Patients can        second transplant, or patients with diabetes will
                              be evaluated, for a kidney         also require a coronary angiogram.
                         transplant, prior to actually        ● You might also require more specialised tests
        starting dialysis. Your nephrologist will arrange for    relating to your bladder or other organ systems,
        a number of tests to be performed on you, prior to       as decided by your nephrologist.
        you being referred to Beaumont Hospital, where           Some of these tests might determine that you
        you will be evaluated by the transplant team. The     require further procedures to be performed before
        tests that will be required will depend on a number   you are referred to the transplant centre.
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