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        Some people might have concerns regarding a           Irish Kidney Association.
        kidney transplant and might wish to discuss these,       It is helpful to talk to someone about your
        in confidence, with a counsellor. If your unit does   expectations of transplantation and to have
        not have a counsellor as part of its staff, counselling  realistic views of what to expect afterwards, and
        can be made available to you, locally, through the    how you might cope.


        Once your nephrologist has
        gathered together the results of
        all these tests, he or she will
        write a letter to the Transplant
        Department at Beaumont
        Hospital. You will then receive an
        appointment to see one of the
        transplant surgeons and
        transplant co-ordinators, who will
        discuss, in detail, the pros and
        cons of kidney transplantation and
        make a final decision as to your
        suitability for a kidney transplant.
        The transplant team
        might ask that you
        undergo some               “Once you are
        more tests, or be        approved for the                              TRANSPLANT CO-ORDINATORS
        reviewed by          transplant waiting pool,       (L-R): Regina Reynolds, Laura Donovan, Phyllis Cunningham and
                                                                 Andrea Fitzmaurice. Missing from photo: Aileen Counihan
        some other
        doctors, before      you will receive a letter        Beaumont Hospital to see an anaesthetist, based
        you are placed         from the Transplant            on the results of your investigation. Once you are
        on the               Department confirming            approved for the transplant waiting pool, you will
        transplant             that you are on the            receive a letter from the Transplant Department
        waiting pool.              waiting pool.“             confirming that you are on the waiting pool.
           At this                                               Once you are on the kidney transplant waiting
        appointment with the                                  pool, you can ask any one, that wishes to be
        transplant surgeon and co-ordinator you will be       considered as a living donor, to contact the
        examined and have the opportunity to discuss          Transplant Office themselves to request an
        your questions or concerns about the transplant       evaluation as a potential donor.
        process. After this meeting, your details will be
        noted and your case discussed at the monthly             The phone number for the
        transplant consensus meeting. It is only after this      Transplant Co-ordinator is
        meeting, where all the details of your case will be
        will be activated on the national kidney transplant 01-8528397
        discussed by the entire transplant team, that you

        waiting pool. You might be asked to come back to

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