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          Cath checking
          clients’ chart
          during transplant
          workup or
          waiting list

                                                                        The next step involves finding a suitable
                                                                        kidney for you. Sometimes this can take
                                                                        a long time. How long it takes will depend
                                                                        on many factors. On average, patients in
                                                                        Ireland presently wait about three years
                                                                        for a deceased donor kidney transplant,
                                                                        but it might be a lot shorter or a lot
                                                                        longer. While you are waiting for your
                Every                                                   transplant you should stay as healthy as
           2 years on the                     possible. Every 2 years on the transplant pool you will require
           transplant pool         an echo, ECG and CXR. Also,
           you will require         even though you are on the
               an echo,            waiting pool prior to going on     “On average, patients in Ireland
            ECG and CXR.           dialysis, you might need to       presently wait about three years
                                 start dialysis before you receive      for a deceased donor kidney
                               a transplant. It is not wise to delay   transplant, but it may be a lot
                         going on dialysis, in the hope that your
        kidney transplant will come soon. You need to be in the           shorter or a lot longer.”
        best shape possible the day you present for a transplant.
           To find a suitable kidney, many considerations need to
        be taken into account. We will try to match a kidney for you from the donor pool that is the best tissue
        match (see subsequent chapters), from a compatible blood group, and from a donor of similar age and
        weight. To be fair to everyone, on the waiting pool, we also take into account waiting time. Those waiting
        longest (all else being equal) will get priority. (See ‘Criteria for Allocating Deceased Donor Kidneys’).
           It is very important that we find a compatible kidney for you because, if you receive a kidney that is not
        compatible, it might fail rapidly and complicate further transplantation.
           If you are placed on the transplant pool before you commence dialysis (pre-emptive), you will receive
        blood sample bottles for testing your antibody levels every three months. You will receive instructions on
        how to take these bloods. It is essential that these samples are taken and
        returned to Beaumont Hospital for testing.

                                                                                         Once you get
      The Transplant Office MUST be able to contact                                 a phone call from the
         you AT ALL TIMES, so if you change phone,                                Transplant Co-ordinator

                                                                                informing you of a potential
                                      move house or go on                      kidney transplant, you need
                                         holidays, let the                         to make your way to

                                        Transplant Office                           Beaumont Hospital
                                                                                       AS QUICKLY
                                        know beforehand.
                                                                                     AS POSSIBLE.

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