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        The medications you take to stop your body from rejecting your new kidney also reduce the normal
        ability of your body to fight bacteria, viruses, and other germs. As a result, you are at an increased
        risk of getting an infection. Your doctor may prescribe one or more drugs to protect you from infection
        or to control infection. The following are some of the more commonly used antibiotics (antibacterial
        drugs), antiviral drugs, and antifungal medications.

        Septrin (Co-trimoxazole)                              ● Your transplant team will decide the right
        Septrin is used to prevent and/or treat, pneumonia       dosage and length of time for you to take
        and other infections. Transplant patients have more      Co-trimoxazole.
        risk of getting pneumonia, because of the drugs       ● Take plenty of fluids with this medication. Check
        taken to avoid rejection, which reduce their body's      with your transplant team about the amount.
        ability to fight infection.                           ● Main side effects include nausea, rash, itching,
                                                                 and increase risk of sunburn.

                                             Valtrex is used to prevent or treat herpes simplex and shingles.
                                             Valtrex will not get rid of the herpes virus, but it will lessen the pain
                                             and help heal the sores. Acyclovir is also used to prevent and
                                             decrease the severity of CMV infection.

                                              The lowered ability of your body, to fight infection, puts you
                                              at more risk of getting a serious fungus infection. This may
                                              take the form of thrush, or, in women, vaginal yeast
                                                Various drugs are used to treat or prevent fungus infections.
          Valcyte (Valganciclovir)            Nystatin (Mycostatin) and Fluconazole are the most commonly
          Valcyte may be given to             used. Fluconazole and related antifungal drugs can interact with
          help prevent or treat               some anti-rejection medications, so
          infections that are caused          an adjustment will be
          by a virus called                   made in your medications
          Cytomegalovirus (CMV)               when you start and stop
            It is given orally in             taking the antifungal
          450mg tablets. It is                drugs. Nystatin oral
          generally given once daily,         suspension does not
          in the morning. You will be         interact. Your transplant
          asked to take this medicine         team will decide the right
          for 3 to 6 months.                  dosage and length of
            To avoid infection men            time for you to take
          should use contraceptive            antifungal medications.
          precautions whilst on                 Main side effects include
          this medication.                    nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and an unpleasant taste.

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