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                                                                                       “Because some
          Because some medications you take can cause stomach ulcers,               medications you take
          you may need to take other medication to help protect your             can cause stomach ulcers,
          digestive system. These drugs will be prescribed by your
          transplant team, when necessary.                                          you may need to take
                                                                                     medication to help
          ANTACIDS/ANTI-ULCER MEDICATIONS                                          protect your digestive
          Ranitidine (Zantac), Famotidine (Pepcid), and Omeprazole (Losec), are            system.”
          medications used to prevent and sometimes treat stomach ulcers.
          ● It is important to follow instructions about meals and other
            medications when taking any of these drugs.
          ● Your transplant team will decide the right medication, dosage, and
            length of treatment time for you.
          ● Do not take these drugs with other medications unless your
            transplant team has told you to do so.

                                      OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS

        The following is a list of common complaints with
        recommended over-the-counter medications that you
        can take. Please check this list before taking any over-
        the-counter medication. The addition, of any other
        medications or change in your current medications, must
        be made through your transplant centre.

        Constipation — Fybogel and Senekot are medications that          Diarrhoea — Imodium, Lomotil, are
        you may take. Increase fluids and fibre in your diet (bran,      medications that you may take. Increase
        fresh fruits and vegetables). If                                 fluids to prevent dehydration until
        constipation remains a problem, be                               diarrhoea goes away. If diarrhoea
        sure to contact your GP.                                         persists, for more than 2 days, contact
                                                                         your GP.

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