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Headache, Muscle Aches,                                DO NOT TAKE
          other Aches and Pains — If
          headaches persist, or are                       Ibuprofen (Brufen, Nurofen),
          accompanied by fever, please                    Diclofenac (Difene/Voltarol)
          notify your transplant centre
          immediately. Paracetamol or
          Solpadeine are medications
          that you may take.

                                             These medications are known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
                                             drugs (NSAIDs) and interact with your immunosuppressants and
                                             may harm your kidneys. There are many other NSAIDs, known by
                                             many different names, always check with a health professional if
                                             unsure. Your pharmacist can assist you.

                                                           NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS

                                             Your transplant team may recommend you take vitamin and/or
                                             mineral supplements if your diet is not providing enough of the
                                             nutrients you need. Check with your transplant team before
                                             taking any nutritional supplement.

                                             CAUTION: HERBAL PRODUCTS OR HERBAL TEAS Since there is
                                             little information about drug interactions between herbals, and
                                             anti-rejection drugs, it is not recommended that transplant patients
                                                                            take herbal products. Herbal
                                                                            products are not regulated by any
            Common cold symptoms
                                                                            government agency. This means
        Call your transplant centre if
        symptoms persist or worsen.                                         that they are not tested for safety,
                                                                            side-effects or drug interactions. St.
        Over-the-counter     medications
        that you may take include Lemsip.                                   John's Wort, for example, is a herb
                                                                            known to increase the risk of
                                                                            rejection by decreasing the amount
            “Check with your                                                of the anti-rejection drugs in your
             transplant team                                                blood. Other products that may

            before taking any                                               ‘enhance your immune system’ may
                nutritional                                                 lead to rejection as well.

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