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CLINIC VISITS (including
         Renal Day Care Visits)
           Outpatient clinic visits are an
         essential part of your treatment.
         During these visits, you will have:
         ● Blood samples taken and
         ● Your medications adjusted, if

         ● Physical examination.

         ● An opportunity to ask the
           transplant nurses or doctors
           any questions.

           The blood tests are vital to
         detect any problems, such as
         rejection or infection, even                                                           Outpatient Clinic
         before you have any physical
         symptoms.                          patient the following day           staff will contact patients only if
           Other blood tests are taken to   regarding blood results and         there is a change in medication,
         monitor your drug levels. Renal    medication changes. For patients    otherwise patients can assume
         day care staff will contact the    attending clinics the ambulatory    ‘no change’.


                                                              Adjusting to life with a kidney transplant may be
                                                              challenging for some. Counselling is available, at
                                                              any time following transplantation, to you or
                                                              your family should you wish to talk, in
                                                              confidence, about anything that is worrying you.

                 Margaret Hanna, Renal Nurse Counsellor

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