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           n 1983, Dr Michael Carmody wrote the first edition of
           Living with Kidney Disease. For more than 20 years this
        Ibook was used as the major patient education booklet for
        patients experiencing kidney disease. During the last 20
        years, the technology concerning the treatment of kidney
        disease, has changed radically. As a result, we have produced
        this series of books to assist patients and their families when
        diagnosed with kidney disease.
        This is the second edition of BOOK 3 which deals in more
        depth with Kidney Transplantation. It will provide information
        on receiving a kidney transplant, the process that is involved,
        how to get a place on the transplant waiting pool, and the
        benefits and risks associated with kidney transplantation.

                                                     IRISH KIDNEY ASSOCIATION

                                                         Living with
                       BOOK 1
                                    BOOK 2
                    Petrina Donnelly, CNM  Prof. Peter J. Conlon, FRCPI
                     Helen Dunne, CNM  Petrina Donnelly, CNM
                   Prof. Peter J. Conlon, FRCPI
                                  Helen Dunne, CNM           BOOK 5
                                                BOOK 4
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        BOOK 1 deals with the functions of the kidney, types of
        kidney diseases, diagnostic tests and medicines used to treat
        kidney conditions. BOOK 2 deals with Haemodialysis and
        Peritoneal Dialysis. BOOK 4 addresses the area of the ‘living
        donor’ programme. And finally, BOOK 5 is aimed at helping
        patients with kidney disease learn more about their illness
        and is specifically written for people who have been informed
        that they have impaired (or reduced) kidney function and are
        classified as having Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
        Please use these books as a guide and reference tool, but any
        worries or issues you have should be discussed with your
        medical team. The text includes contributions from many
        members of the Beaumont Hospital Renal Unit team and has
        been supported by the Beaumont Transplant Foundation
        together with the Irish Kidney Association.

        We do hope you find it helpful.

        Helen Dunne CNM
        Petrina Donnelly CNM
        Prof. Peter J Conlon FRCPI
        Ciara White CNM

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