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                                                                                      THE FOLLOWING

                                                                                 ● High temperature,
                                                                                    sometimes accompanied
                                                                                    by chills
                                                                                 ● Diarrhoea, nausea and
                                                                                 ● Loss of appetite
                                                                                 ● Fatigue
                                                                                 ● Shortness of breath
                                                                                 ● Difficulty or discomfort
                                                                                    when urinating
                                                                                 ● Appearance of a skin
                                                                                 ● Unexplained pain

                                                                                        THINGS TO
        4. Infection
           Transplant patients are at a greater risk of infection because of the     DO AND AVOID
        need for immunosuppression, which weakens their immune system                 TO PREVENT
        and ability to fight infection. While it is important for you to limit
        contact, with potentially infectious situations, it is not necessary to        INFECTIONS
        become a recluse! There are some relatively simple measures which
        you can take to reduce the risk of infection, without unduly limiting    ● Get enough rest and eat a
        your lifestyle.                                                             healthy well-balanced diet.
           Infections are caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi and come from    ● Reduce close contact with
        these sources:                                                              anyone who has an active
        ● Environment — For example, contaminated food                              infection or any children
           or cooking utensils, uncooked food or                                    who have been recently
           animals.                                         “If you                 vaccinated.
        ● People — Colds, influenza and a range       suspect you may            ● Wash hands with soap and
           of viral illnesses.                       have an infection              water frequently
        ● Bacterial Infections                          contact your                throughout the day.
           Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) is one          doctor or              ● Do not touch open sores.
           of the most common infections seen            transplant                 Keep any wounds clean and
           in kidney transplant recipients. If not                                  covered.
           properly treated, the infection can spread                            ● Wear gloves when
           and harm your new kidney. The symptoms of                                gardening or during any
           a UTI are: cloudy urine, blood in the urine, frequent urination,         other dirty jobs.
           burning upon urination, difficulty urinating, strong smell from the   ● Wash fresh fruit and
           urine, and high temperature.
                                                                                    vegetables and also meat,
                                                                                    fish and poultry prior to
                      HERE ARE SOME WAYS YOU CAN                                    cooking.
                                                                                 ● Never share personal items
          ● Drink plenty of fluids.        ● Avoid bubble baths.                    such as razors or

          ● Urinate frequently.            ● Wear cotton underwear.                 toothbrushes.

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