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        SURGERY: An injection is given to numb the skin and the lesion is cut away.
        CRYOTHERAPY: The lesion is frozen with liquid nitrogen
        TOPICAL CREAM: Medicated cream is applied to the lesion.
                                   PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY: A cream is applied
                                   to the lesion followed by a special light that
                                   destroys the lesion.
                                      In some cases radiotherapy can also be used
                                                                                           Photodynamic Therapy
                                   where x-rays are directed, at the lesion, to
                                   destroy it. In serious advanced cases of skin cancer your doctor may
                                   recommend that you stop taking your immunosuppressant.
                                      If your doctor suspects a lesion may be cancerous, a small portion of your
                                   skin may be excised and further examined. This is called a skin biopsy and is
                                   performed under local anaesthetic.

                                              PROTECTING YOUR SKIN

        Exposure to the sun or its ultraviolet rays is the    ● Never, ever, use sun beds
        main cause of skin cancer in transplant patients.     ● Wear a high intensity sun cream, Sun Protection
        Exposure to the sun does not just mean sunbathing,      Factor (SPF) 30 or higher with a 3 or 4-star
        by just being outside you are exposed to the sun.       rating. Ensure
        This includes walking, gardening, outdoor work etc.     the sun cream
           You should take simple precautions to protect        protects against
        yourself:                                               UVB and UVA
        ● Cover Up —                                            rays.
           wear a wide                                        ● If planning to
           sun hat and                                          travel to
           long sleeves,                                        Australia,
        ● Stay in the                                           purchase sun cream when you get there, that is
           shade during                                         designed specifically to protect against UVC
           peak times of sun intensity (11am-3pm)               rays.

                                                 CERVICAL CANCER

        The Cervix is the neck of the womb and is prone to    nurse can arrange this but you need to remind
        develop cancer. This form of cancer is very treatable  them. The Department of Health and Children is
        but it needs to be detected early. For this reason all  currently providing vaccination to young girls who
        sexually active female transplant recipients should   have not been exposed to the human papilloma
        have a smear test annually. Your GP or practice       virus which can cause cervical cancer.

                                                 HEART DISEASE
          Hypertension and raised cholesterol levels can occur as a result of some of the immunosuppressive
          drugs. This leads to an increased chance of heart disease. At each clinic visit your blood pressure
          and cholesterol level will be measured. Your doctor may prescribe medication to control your blood
          pressure or decrease your cholesterol level. However, regular exercise and keeping to a low-fat,
          low salt diet with plenty of vegetables, as advised by your dietician, are ways by which you can
          help control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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