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        3          CHAPTER 1                             13         CHAPTER 4

                                                                    Transplant Waiting Pool
                   Overview of Kidney
        4          CHAPTER 2                             17         CHAPTER 5
                                                                    Transplant Procedure and Follow-Up
                   Deceased Donor Kidney
                   Transplantation                       19         CHAPTER 6
        7          CHAPTER 3                                        Post-Transplant Medication

                   Living Donor Transplantation
                                                         26         CHAPTER 7

                                                                    After the Transplant

                                                         28         CHAPTER 8

                                                                    Transplant Complications

                                                         36         CHAPTER 9

                                                                    Creatinine Levels

                                                         38         CHAPTER 10

                                                                    Healthy Eating After Transplantation

                                                         41         CHAPTER 11

                                                                    General Advice

                                                         45         CHAPTER 12

                                                                    Travel and Vaccinations

                                                         47         CHAPTER 13

                                                                    Sexuality after Transplantation

                                                         49         APPENDIX

                                                                    IKA Renal Support Centre
                                                                    Contact Numbers
                                                                    Other Sources of Useful Information

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