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                                                           Alcohol is high in calories and sugar. Excessive
                                                           alcohol can lead to weight gain and increased
                                                           triglyceride levels.

                                                           ● Have 2 -3 alcohol free days each week.
                                                           ● Do not exceed recommended limits:

                                                             Men            17 units per week
                                                             Women          11 units per week
                                                             One unit =     1 small glass (100ml) of wine
                                                             or             1 measure (35.4ml) of spirits
                                                             or             ½ pint of beer/stout/cider
                                                             or             1 Alco pop (275ml)

                                                           ● Use sugar free mixers, e.g., slimline tonic or diet

        Food safety
        It is important to follow some simple                               SUMMARY
        food safety guidelines after your
        kidney transplant; this is because          ● Eat three main meals each day.
        your treatment requires                     ● Avoid salty, processed foods and adding salt to
        immunosuppressant tablets.                    food.

        What you should do:                         ● Eat 4-5 portions of fruit or vegetables.

        ● Wash hands thoroughly before              ● Take 3-4 portions of dairy each day.
           preparing food, after going to the       ● Eat more fibre rich foods.
           toilet or after handling pets.
                                                    ● Limit sugary foods and sweetened drinks.
        ● Prepare and store raw and cooked
           food separately.                         ● Aim to include 2-3 portions of oily fish each week.
        ● Cook food well. Follow the                ● Avoid fried and fatty foods.
           instructions on the pack. If you re-                                     ● Include exercise as
           heat food do make sure it is piping                                          part of your daily
        ● Check 'use by' dates and use within
           the recommended period.                                                  ● Maintain a healthy
        ● Avoid food containing uncooked
           egg and store eggs in the fridge.

        ● Avoid unpasteurised milk or dairy
           products e.g., soft ripened cheeses
           like brie or Camembert. You should
           also avoid paté.

        ● Avoid smoked meats, fish and

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