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                             GENERAL ADVICE

        Now that you have your transplant, regular
        exercise is one of the keys to putting you on the
        road to good health. It is important to have a daily
        exercise routine, to build up muscles weakened
        by a long period of illness. The exercise
        programme should be aiming to slowly increase
        the level of exercise. Walking is a good way to
        start exercising and hobbies such as tennis and
        jogging can be taken up, as early as three months,
        after your transplant. However, contact sports
        should be avoided.
           Exercise has a positive effect on blood
        pressure, cholesterol levels, and the functioning of the heart and lungs, even if you don't lose weight.
        Exercise can also improve your psychological health and can be achieved with low to moderate levels of
        physical activity.

                                         The  Irish Kidney Association
                                         promotes an active year-round
                                         sports programme, for transplant
                                         recipients and people on dialysis.
                                         The programme is open to all
                                         levels of ability and interest, with
                                         an emphasis on participation and
                                         enjoyment.     Regular     open
                                         sessions are held,  with family
                                         and friends always welcome.

                                                            The Association organises national teams for
                                                            events such as the World Transplant Games
                                                            (biennial – odd years) and the European
                                                            Transplant & Dialysis Games (biennial – even
                                                            years). The team is open to all abilities as the
                                                            Transplant & Dialysis Games experience is
                                                            worthwhile and about so much more than sport!

                                                               Why not contact the IKA to find out more
                                                             and get involved in a new wonderful family?

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