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          Many transplant recipients ask how they might
          acknowledge the gift of their new donor organ.
          There is no right or wrong time, and no right or
          wrong way to say ‘thank you’ to your donor family.  forwarded to the family. Please do not seal the
            Some ways that patients may express their         envelope as the Transplant Co-ordinators will need
          thanks    include                                   to check the letter, for confidentiality purposes,
          writing:                                            before passing it on.
          ➣ a letter;                                            The letter normally starts with “Dear Donor
          ➣ a thank you                                       Family” or “Dear Friends”. You may like to include
             card, or                                         details such as:
          ➣ a mass card.                                      ➣ your age;
            Donor families                                    ➣ length of illness;
          receive a letter from the transplant co-ordinators,  ➣ whether you are male or female and some
          within a month of their loved-one's death,              family details.
          thanking them for consenting to organ donation.        Most people describe how their lifestyle was
          Donor families are not given any information        prior to the transplant, and describe their
          which may identify you.                             contrasting quality of life since receiving their
            We recommend that you allow some time to          transplant. Everyone expresses their thanks to
          elapse, after your discharge, before expressing     donor families in their own way. In nearly all cases,
          your thanks to the donor family. Your 'thank you'   transplant patients say it is the most difficult
          may be written, at any time, after your transplant.  letter that they have ever written and that they
          It will always be greatly appreciated by your donor  had to rewrite it, many times, before getting it
          family. The letter should not identify you. It is   right.
          preferable that you do not date the letter or card     You can give this letter or card to your
          as it may be some time before it may be             transplant nurse or transplant co-ordinators

                                                                                           SERVICE OF
                                                                                       & THANKSGIVING

                                                                                    This service is hosted every
                                                                                    year, in the Autumn, by the
                                                                                    Irish Kidney Association
                                                                                    (IKA). Many kidney
                                                                                    transplant recipients and,
                                                                                    indeed, other organ
                                                                                    recipients, join with donor
                                                                                    families, at this service, to
                                                                                    remember the donors. It is a
                                                                                    special way of expressing
                                                                                    gratitude in an anonymous
                                                                                      Do view the IKA SUPPORT
                                                                                    magazine for more details.

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