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                ne of the things that many patients look      higher        risks,
                forward to after transplant is the freedom    including impure
        Oto travel.                                           water or insect
           Patients should advise their doctor if they intend  bites. If you require
        travelling abroad. It is important to consider your   any vaccinations, you must consult your doctor.
        destination as some exotic locations may have            Always pack enough medications for the entire
                                                                        journey and a little extra in case of delays.
                                                                       Ensure that your medications are not
                                                                       exposed to extreme heat or cold.  If you
                                                                       fly, keep your medication with you in your
                                                                       hand luggage.
                                                                         Carry your Renal Transplant Passport
                                                                      with you.
                                                                        Pack plenty of sunblock and use it!
                                                                        On long journeys, get up and walk around
                                                                     at least every two hours, and ensure you
                                                                     drink plenty of water.
                                                                       On    long    distance    flights,  it  is
                                                                     recommended that you wear flight stockings.
                                                                       In warm weather, ensure that you keep
                                                                    yourself well hydrated.

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