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                           SEXUALITY AFTER


              here are many
              factors that
        sexuality after
        transplantation – how
        you feel physically and
        how you feel about
        yourself. Sexual
        intimacy can begin
        any time after surgery,
        as long as you have
        the interest and feel
        well. However, wait
        4-6 weeks to have
        sexual intercourse.
        This will allow time for
        your incision to heal.
        Communication is the
        most important factor
        in any relationship.
        Wherever there is a problem share your feelings and fears with your partner. Nursing and medical staff
        recognise that you may have difficulties, in sexual relationships, and will gladly talk to you and your
        partner. Professional guidance can help — all that may be needed is a little reassurance.

             Difficulty with sexual function, for men, is not uncommon after kidney transplantation as the body
             gets used to being healthy again. Much of the time this is a psychological difficulty rather than
             any specific physical problem.
               Diabetes, or some blood pressure medication, can cause impotency. If this happens discuss it
             with your doctor, as there are now very effective medications which can resolve these issues. As
             men get older the prostate gland may become enlarged resulting in difficulty passing urine, with
             poor flow or having to get up at night. Again, there are very effective medications or a small
             operation may be needed which can deal with these problems if you discuss them with your doctor.

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