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         Febrile                     Having a high temperature above 37.5°C.

         Glomerulus                  Small structure in the kidney that passes fluid from blood to kidney.
         Glomerulonephritis          A disease in which the glomerules are damaged.

         HLA antigens                Tissue markers are ‘sign posts’ that determine your tissue type
         Hypertension                High Blood Pressure.

         Immune System               The body's natural defences against bacteria and viruses.
         Immunosuppressant           Drugs that suppress the body's immune system.

         Immunosuppression           Suppression of the immune system.
         Infection                   Invasion of the body by harmful micro-organisms, such as bacteria or viruses.

         Intravenous (IV)            Into a vein.
         Kidney                      An organ involved in filtering waste products from the blood, and producing urine.

         Mycophenolate Mofetil       Mycolat – A type of immunosuppressants.
         Orally                      Taken by mouth.

         Organ                       A part of the body with a specific function such as heart, brain or kidney.
         Pharmacist                  Prepares medicines and advises on their use.

         Radiologist                 A specialist in ultrasound scans and x-rays.
         Registrar                   A hospital doctor involved in the ward round and clinics.

         Rejection                   The immune system's attack on a transplanted organ.
         Renal                       Relating to the kidney.

         Steroids                    A group of immunosuppressants.
         Tacrolimus                  A type of immunosupressant.
         Tissue Typing               A method of classification that helps to find the best match between
                                     transplant recipient and donor, based on antigens within the body.

         Transplant                  The new (tranplanted) organ.
         Transplantation             The transferral of an organ, such as a kidney, from one body to another

         Ultrasound                  Obtains images within the body using high-frequency sound waves.
         Urine                       Waste fluid produced by the kidneys.

         Viral infection             Attack on the body by viruses.
         Virus                       A group of micro-organisms smaller than bacteria.

         White blood cells           A type of cells in the blood, including lymphocytes, which fight against infections.

                We would like to extend special thanks to the following members of the
                       Renal Team at Beaumont for their contribution to this book:
               Helen Dunne, Prof. Peter Conlon, Petrina Donnelly, Martin Ferguson,

                  Oonagh Deeney, Ciara White, Ruth O’Malley and Olive McEnroe.

            Also, to the patients and staff who took time to contribute to editing this book.

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