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                  LIVING DONOR                                                     


                living donor kidney transplant means that the donor kidney comes
               from a living person. Such a person, who volunteers to donate a
        Akidney, is generally a brother, sister, parent, close friend, child or
                               spouse of the person with kidney disease. The
                                  donor needs to have a close personal
             “A living donor        relationship with the recipient. A living                            BOOK 4
           kidney transplant          donor kidney transplant must be seen as a

           must be seen as a          ‘no strings attached gift’ to the recipient.
                                      It is against the law to purchase or sell a
          ‘no strings attached        kidney for transplantation. Much more detail on the process of becoming a
                gift’ to the         living kidney donor is available in book four of this series -’Thinking About

                recipient.”        Donating A Kidney?’

                  From a recipient’s perspective’ live kidney donation has particular
                                           advantages which include:

        Much shorter waiting time                             improved success can be very considerable, For
        The average wait in Ireland, at present, for a        example, if you have a ‘full-house’ match sibling,
        deceased donor transplant is about three years. A     who is willing to donate, the new kidney can last
        live donor transplant can be organised sooner if a    up to twice the length of time compared to a
        suitable one is available.                            deceased donor kidney.
                                                                 For some groups of patients, a live transplant
        The possibility of avoiding dialysis altogether       from a sibling may be the only reasonable prospect
           In general, it is possible to avoid dialysis       of receiving a kidney transplant. This situation
        completely only if you have a willing and suitable    particularly applies to patients with a high
        living donor who can be prepared, in sufficient time,  percentage of antibodies, where a perfectly
        prior to the progression of the kidney disease. As    matched kidney, from a sibling, may be the only
        the average waiting time for a deceased donor         prospect of a transplant in a short period of time.
        transplant is three years, most patients will have       The major disadvantage of live donor
        progressed to dialysis, prior to receiving a deceased  transplantation is that a healthy living person has
        donor transplant.                                     to undergo a major operation to donate a kidney,
           Living donor transplantation generally results in  with all the associated risks and discomforts that
        better long-term success than a deceased donor        are associated with major surgery.
        transplant. For some groups of living donors this

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