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                            SURGERY FOR DONORS ARE AS FOLLOWS:

                1. The risk of death (estimated to be approximately 1 in 1600 – 3300 cases).

                2. Negative reaction to anaesthetic or other drugs.
                3. The general complications of major abdominal surgery:
                    a)  Blood clot
                    b)  Intra-abdominal bleeding and infection
                    c)  Wound complications
                    d)  Chest complications
                    e)  Urinary retention/urinary infection
                    f)  The possible need for blood transfusions
                    g)  Risk of adhesions and blockage of the bowel

                4. The possibility of short and long-term wound pain.

                5. The need for a recovery period of between 4-12 weeks. Potential donors should
                    check their sick leave entitlement with their employers.

                6. The possibility of increase in blood pressure and protein in the urine.

                7. The possible emotional consequences of donation: the risk of the donor feeling
                    pressure from family, feeling worried about the future with one kidney, or feeling upset
                    after surgery.

                8. The possible family and relationship consequences of donation: the risk that
                    tensions can arise in families around the surgery or that the balance in a donor-
                    recipient relationship can change after surgery (e.g., a recipient feeling like they “owe”
                    something or are indebted to a donor).
                9. The emotional and psychological impact on the donor of the recipient dying
                    suddenly or the transplanted kidney failing.

               10. Young women should consider if they would prefer to donate a kidney after they have
                    had their family

               11. The risk that surgery may impact on the current or future insurability of the donor.
                    This has to be checked by the donor with their own insurance agency.

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