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           You will be examined by a            DETAILED POTENTIAL DONOR ASSESSMENT
           kidney specialist and have
           an opportunity to discuss
           any aspect of this during            After the initial assessment
           this meeting. You need to           and information session, the
           think carefully how you             following stages are usually
           want to receive these           followed as part of the detailed
           results. If, for example,
           you hear in the presence                   evaluation of potential
           of your other family                                    living donors
           members that you are the
           only potential donor, you
           might feel great pressure
           to proceed with donation.
           In the first instance, the
           nephrologist will only
           discuss your results
           with you. They will not
           discuss them with any
           other family member.          ONE DAY DONOR ASSESSMENT
        ● Once results are given,        Once you have been identified as potentially suitable to be a
           the donor who wishes to       kidney donor you will be invited to come to Beaumont Hospital for
           proceed is asked to           a detailed assessment. During this busy day you will have many
           contact the transplant        tests done and meet many members of the transplant team.
           office for an appointment
           to start work-up as a         ● A transplant nephrologist             and ECG. You will also have a
           potential donor.                (kidney doctor) evaluates             special test called an Isotope
        ● It is important to realise       the donor with a full history         GFR test. In this special test, to
           that if you are not directly    and physical assessment. They         precisely measure your level of
           compatible to donate to         again discuss in detail the risks     kidney function, a very small
           your loved one it may           and benefits of living donor          dose of radiation will be
           still be possible to do this    kidney transplantation.               injected into to you and then
           by way of paired kidney       ● A transplant co-ordinator             over the subsequent 4 hours
           exchange or desensitis-         arranges for the following            you will have blood tests drawn
           ation. See page 27-28.          tests to be performed:                to carefully measure the level
                                                     Multiple blood and          of kidney function you have.
                                                     urine chemistry             Any special investigations
                                                     tests. Blood testing        are also ordered at this stage.
                                                     for viruses including
                                                                               ● You will meet with the Social
                                                     hepatitis and HIV
                                                                                 Worker who will inform you
                                                     (AIDS) test and
                                                                                 about the Living Organ Donor
                                                     syphilis test. At this
                                                                                 Reimbursement Scheme. The
                                                     stage a second tissue
                                                                                 Social Worker will also discuss
                                                     type test will be
                                                                                 some of the practical, financial
                                                     taken. Chest x-ray,
                                                                                 and emotional issues that may
          Outpatient Clinic                          abdominal ultrasound,       arise throughout the donation
                                                     CT scan of kidneys

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