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CT Angiogram

                                                                        “The donor has another
                                                                        meeting with his or her

                                                                         surgeon and a date for
                                                                           surgery is booked.”

        ● Depending on your particular      ● The potential donor is
           situation you may be offered       reviewed by the donor
           an appointment to meet our         surgeon and
           transplant psychologist or         anaesthetist.
           transplant psychiatrist.
                                            ● The donor is reviewed by
        ● After this one-day                  the Independent
           assessment all your                Assessor.
           investigations will be           ● Final tissue typing tests are
           reviewed by the transplant         completed. Consent forms
           team. The team may well            for surgery are signed and a
           request other specific follow-     date for surgery is agreed.
           up tests.

        ● Potential donors are then
           discussed at the multi-                    INDEPENDENT ASSESSOR INTERVIEW
           disciplinary meeting.
           If everything is satisfactory      All donors and organ recipients are required to see an
           they are referred to the donor     Independent Assessor (IA)  who is a person trained in
           surgeon.                           transplantation but independent of the Transplant team. The IA
                                              interviews the donor and recipient separately, and together, and is
                                              independent of the healthcare teams who are involved in the
                                              donation process.
                                                The purpose of these interviews is to ensure that donors are not
                                              forced to do something against their wishes, to ensure that no
                                              reward has been sought or offered and to ensure that the donor
                                              has the capacity to make an informed decision.
                                                Depending on complexity, most interviews range in time from
                                              30 minutes to one hour. Donors and recipients will be asked to
                                              bring proof of their identity and proof of their relationship.
                                                These interviews take place after the donor has been approved
                                              for donation at the multi-disciplinary team meeting. The decision
                                              of the Independent Assessor is final and is not subject to appeal.

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