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        The Irish Kidney Association (IKA) is a national voluntary organisation of patients, family carers and
        supporters which offers support for all patients with end stage kidney disease. Through its 25 local
        branches, patients can meet other kidney patients and share experiences, problems and, most importantly,

        On a national and local level the IKA organises ‘World Kidney Day’
        activities, around the third Thursday in March, to raise awareness
        of kidney disease in Ireland. The Association is also known for its

        national organ donor awareness campaigns the biggest of which
        takes place in the first week of April each year.

        The IKA provides holidays every year, for kidney patients who are either receiving dialysis treatment
        or are transplanted. It also has a Support Centre, in the grounds of Beaumont Hospital, which offers
        on-campus accommodation for kidney patients and their families attending any Dublin hospital and short-

        term accommodation for the families of seriously ill patients from outside the Dublin area.

           IRISH KIDNEY ASSOCIATION, Donor House, Block 43A, Parkwest, Dublin, D12 P5V6

                           Ph: 01-6205306. Lo-Call: 1890-543639 (1890-KIDNEY)
                                       Email: Web:
                                            CHARITY REGISTRATION NUMBER: 20011260


                                                                        IKA RENAL SUPPORT CENTRE
                                                                              Beaumont Hospital

                                                                        Beaumont, Dublin, D09 Y5R3
                                                                                Ph: 01-8093000

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