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                   A team of senior transplant
              surgeons, one for the donor and
            one for the recipient, with another
            surgeon to assist, will perform the
                The transplant surgeons must
            ensure that all the results of tests
              point to a successful transplant.
              They must also be sure that the
                  donor and recipient are fit to
                                                          Ms. Dilly Little             Mr. Ponnusamy Mohan
           undergo surgery with the minimum
                                                            Surgeon                          Surgeon
                The surgeon who removes the
                        kidney carries overall
             responsibility for ensuring the
                         safety of the donor.

                                                         Mr. Richie Power                Mr. Gordon Smyth
                                                            Surgeon                          Surgeon

                                                                            SOCIAL WORKER

        Many important emotional relationship issues
        need to be considered in a living kidney donation.      The Social Worker
        The psychologist is there to discuss these with         will explain the
        the potential donor and offer support to donors         Reimbursement
        at any stage in the process.                            Scheme and discuss
           The psychologist also has responsibility for         and offer support
        considering whether a potential donor is under          around the practical,
        undue pressure or stress in relation to donation.
                                                                financial and
           The psychologist also examines whether
                                                                emotional aspects
        potential donors are currently emotionally
        stable and how they are likely to cope with major       of the donation                Tara Power
        surgery.                                                process.                      Social Worker

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