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P. 23

“The levels
               of antibodies

             in the recipient


           When the recipient sees
        the transplant surgeon, at
        the pre-transplant
        assessment clinic, they will
        be told what their PGEN is
        and this will give them
        some assessment of how
        long the likely wait will be
        to receive a transplant.
        There are no effective
        strategies to take away
        antibodies that give good long-term results.
           The levels of antibodies in the recipient might fluctuate,
        and so it may be possible that the initial screening for donor     “The process of checking
        specific antibodies is favourable but, later screening in the     the suitability of a donor is
        donor workup shows that the donor is not suitable. This can        a long, but in-depth one.”
        cause significant disappointment to the donor who may be
        in an advanced stage of the workup process.

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