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Living Organ Donor



        1.   WHAT DOES THE PROGRAMME                           4.  AM I ENTITLED TO A REIMBURSEMENT
             AIM TO ACHIEVE?                                       FOR LOSS OF EARNINGS ASSOCIATED
             The purpose of this scheme is to address the          WITH ORGAN DONATION?
             issue of the costs incurred by donors                 If a person is selected as a donor they may be
             participating in the Living Donor Programme in        entitled to reimbursement for earnings lost as
             Ireland during the pre-operative and post-            a result of their inpatient stay for the purpose
             operative period. The implementation of this          of donation and up to a maximum of a twelve
             scheme is intended to minimise financial              week post-operative period. Such payment are
             disincentives for potential living donors, with       subject to compliance with the requirements
             a view to ensuring the pool of living kidney          set out in the patient information leaflet, which
             donors continues to expand.                           can be obtained by contacting the Living Donor
                                                                   Reimbursement Office on 056-7784579 or
                                                                   056-7784551. The amount reimbursable is
        2.   WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR REIMBURSEMENT                     capped at  €6,000 on the provision of relevant
             UNDER THE SCHEME?                                     supporting documentation. Please refer to the
             This scheme applies to any person who has             patient information leaflet, in relation to what
             been selected as a potential donor (i.e. to           is reimbursable regarding earnings.
             attend the one-day assessment) by the Living
             Donor Programme at Beaumont Hospital and
             to those who, under the clinical supervision of   5.  WHAT OTHER EXPENSES ARE COVERED
             the National Renal Transplant Programme in            UNDER THE SCHEME?
             Beaumont, travel to the UK for a paired kidney        Travel and accommodation expenses up to a
             donation (reimbursement for any expenses              maximum value of €6,000 are reimbursable
             covered by other agencies in the UK will not be       under the scheme. Such expenses must relate
             made).                                                to a hospital visit/stay in relation to organ
                                                                   donation and must be supported by relevant
             Eligible expenses will be considered for          6.  WILL MY PARTICIPATION IN THE
             reimbursement from the time the donor is              PROGRAMME EFFECT MY DEPARTMENT OF
             selected as a potential donor through to the          SOCIAL PROTECTION PAYMENTS?
             in-patient stay for the donation surgery and for      A donor who is in receipt of a payment from
             a 12 week period post-donation. In cases              any Department of Social Protection Scheme
             where a donor is selected but later deemed            will continue to have this payment made
             unsuitable he/she can claim reimbursement for         (provided such payments are in line with their
             travel and accommodation for this period only.        normal rules and regulations) for a period of
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