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Every year, we care for over 420,000 sick and injured people, making

           Beaumont Hospital one of the busiest medical facilities in Ireland

        The need for equipment to maintain the smooth running

        of our wards and assist patients in their recovery is
        ongoing, as is the need to replace and invest in new
        technical and operating equipment which is vital to
        helping us maintain and save precious lives.

        Beaumont Hospital Foundation works to encourage
        and inspire private donations to Beaumont Hospital.
        The funds we raise annually are used to bring about
        improvements in patient care.

        ● We fund equipment and services across the hospital.

        ● We work closely with hospital staff to help identify
           and support new projects.

        ● We work with the hospital’s donors to support
           fundraising initiatives for the hospital.

        ● Our team is involved in driving our annual calendar
           of fundraising events.

        ● Co-ordinating our national raffle campaigns, and

        ● Promoting the reputation of Beaumont Hospital
           as an expert medical facility.

        Recent major projects which the Foundation has
        completed include the build of a new Day Hospital for
        Care of the Elderly, at St Joseph’s Hospital in Raheny
        (managed by Beaumont Hospital). Thousands of our
        supporters and one major donor contributed to raising
        the entire €2.1m building cost of this hospital which

        assesses the needs of elderly and vulnerable people in
        the community with a view to maintaining their
        health and wellbeing.

        For more information see

                               Beaumont Hospital Foundation
                               Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, D09 V2N0
                               Tel: 01-8092161 | Email:

                                                               CHY No: 11538
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