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                            LIVING DONATION

               successful kidney transplant is often the         Since the make-up of the families can be similar,
               best treatment for people with end stage       or more rarely – as in the case of identical twins –
        Akidney disease (ESKD). A kidney transplant           identical, the chances of the recipient’s body
        provides the best opportunity for good long-term      rejecting the donated kidney is less with a donor
        health. It also offers better long-term outcomes      kidney from a family member. Some of these
        than dialysis, which is the other major treatment     advantages of living kidney donation are also true
        option for people with kidney disease.                                      for donors who are not
           In Ireland, the majority of transplanted kidneys                             genetically related to the
        come from people who have been declared brain-                “A kidney           recipient,   such    as
        stem dead. This occurs in hospital intensive care                                   husbands or wives. It
        units and is often the result of an individual’s        transplant provides         is, therefore, worth
        sudden death. When a person’s organs are offered       the best opportunity         exploring        the
        for donation, after their death, that person is         for good long-term          possibility of a non-
        known as a ‘deceased donor’. Research suggests                                     related living donor if
        that living kidney donation might offer a number of            health.”          this is an option for a
        advantages to the recipient when compared to a                                person in need of a kidney
        deceased donor transplant (see list below).                           transplant.


         ● The transplant can be planned in advance.

         ● The transplant can occur earlier, so the recipient may spend less time on dialysis or even
            avoid dialysis altogether.
         ● The donated kidney spends less time
            in storage.

         ● Donor-recipient tissue matching can be
            better, which might mean a lower
            chance of the kidney being rejected by
            the recipient’s body.

         ● Long-term results are better for the
            recipient, when compared with a
            deceased donor kidney.

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