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        Although one might think that most family                This is not a trivial consideration, since the
        members would want to give a kidney, life is not      transplant operation might come after a long illness
        always so simple. Donation between siblings, for      for the affected child, during which time other
        example, can present a variety of family and          children may have felt deprived of their share of
        emotional issues.                                     parental love.
           The problems are usually less complex for             Parents, as with all donors, must also face up to
        parents donating to children, but even here,          the possibility that the kidney might not function.
        loyalties may be divided between a desire to          This can be a very difficult complication for both
        provide for one child, whilst inevitably depriving    donor and recipient.
        other children of one parent for a period of             Finally, there may be conflict between the
        time.                                                 parents as to who should give a kidney.

                                                                        The transplant team is fully aware of all
                      THE TEAM’S PERSPECTIVE
                                                                        the issues (psychological or otherwise)
                                                                         involved in living kidney donation.
                                                                           Therefore it is very important that,
                                                                         before volunteering, and throughout
                                                                         the assessment process, close
                                                                         members     of   the    family   fully
                                                                         understand the process and consider
                                                                         all the risks and implications.
                                                                           It is important to openly discuss
                                                                         how everyone feels, especially how
                                                                         people might feel if the kidney were to
                                                                         fail and the disappointment that may
                                                                           It is also important to consider the
                                                                         financial implications of donation, such
                                                                         as salary protection whilst out of work,
                                                                         life  insurance,    and     mortgage
                                                                     repayments. Recently the government
                                              has introduced a scheme to reimburse some out-of-pocket
                       expenses associated with being a living kidney donor.
                                                           For further details on this scheme see page 30-31.

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