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                                                              While all these motives might be acceptable
             ndividuals volunteer to donate a kidney for
                                                              reasons to be a donor, more complex reasons
             a variety of reasons. Often donors are
                                                              can also be involved, such as:
          Imotivated by watching someone close to             ● Offering to donate a kidney because of feeling
          them wait a long time for a transplant or
                                                                 pressure from others (e.g., family members),
          seeing a loved one suffer in some way as a             perhaps because the situation seems urgent, or
          result of kidney problems.
                                                                 it appears that the ill person has no other
            Other reasons for wanting to donate a                options.
          kidney include feeling a duty to do something
          for a loved one who is unwell or feeling that it    ● Offering to donate because of feelings of guilt,
          will benefit the donor’s life to have their loved      or feeling that it is your duty as a close relative/
          one free of dialysis. Research has shown the
          reasons for donating can vary, as shown in the      ● Offering to donate to “right” past wrongs, to
          chart below.                                           feel good about yourself, or to feel closer to the
                                                                   person to whom you are donating.

                                           Desire                           Most people have a number of
                                          to help
                                                                              reasons for donating, and it is
                                                                                normal for different issues to
                    Increased                                 Feeling of          come up when you are thinking
                   self-esteem                               moral duty
                                                                                   about becoming a donor. It is
                                                                                    important that these are
                                                                                     discussed openly during
                                                                                     your donor work-up, and

                                       Volunteering                                   this discussion forms part
                                         to donate                                    of your meeting with the
                                                                   Pressure          team,     particularly  the
               recipient                                                             psychologist.

                            benefit from
                             recipient’s               Logic
                             improved                                            “Individuals volunteer
                               health                                              to donate a kidney

                                                                                      for a variety of

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