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        Diabetes is a condition that is caused by having too  the number to 233,000 (ref: The Institute of
        much glucose in your blood – this can lead to other   Public Health’s Making Chronic Conditions Count
        health problems and cause damage to parts of the      report, 2010).
        body if left uncontrolled.                               As a consequence this means there will also be
           There are two main types of diabetes – Type 1,     an increase in the number of people living with
        which usually develops in early life and is treated   CKD.
        by insulin injections and diet, and Type 2, which        Diabetes has become the most common single
        usually presents after the age of 40 and means the    cause of kidney failure or end-stage kidney disease
        body can still produce some insulin but it is either  in Europe and the US so it is not a matter to be
        not enough or is not being properly used by the       taken lightly.
        body.                                                    If you have diabetes, you should try to stabilise
           Normal levels of glucose in the body are in the    the condition – by keeping your blood sugar and
        range of 4 and 6 millimoles per litre (mmol/L). If you  blood pressure levels in a safe range, by watching
        have diabetes, you will experience levels outside     your cholesterol levels and eating the right type of
        these limits.                                         foods, by exercising often and keeping a healthy
           Risk factors for Type 2 diabetes include being     weight. If you have been prescribed medication for
        overweight, being inactive and being older.           your diabetes, make sure you take it.
           Family history is also a risk factor – if a parent or  Not only will these measures have a good effect
        sibling has Type 2 diabetes, you then have an         on your diabetes but they will also have benefits
        increased risk of developing diabetes.                for people with CKD.
           One of the complications of diabetes is that it can
        cause kidney function to deteriorate or even fail
        altogether (diabetes can cause damage to small
        blood vessels, including those in the kidneys). The     Diabetes has become the most
        urine of people with diabetes has a high sugar          common single cause of kidney
        content, which encourages the growth of bacteria        failure or end-stage kidney
        and can therefore cause kidney infections. Around
        half of all people with diabetes will gradually         disease in Europe and the US
        develop some level of CKD.                              so it is not a matter to be taken
           Diabetes is on the increase both worldwide and
        in Ireland. At the moment, it’s thought that            lightly.
        144,000 Irish people have diabetes. By 2020, it’s
        estimated that this will increase by 62%, increasing

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