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                              WHO IS AT RISK?

                                                              develop it but it can put you at higher risk.
                                                              Polycystic kidney disease and Alports Syndrome are
                                                              hereditary diseases that can cause kidney damage.
               Some people are more at risk of
                                                                 Conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes
           developing CKD than others. Being                  can also run in families. If a member of the family

               aware of the risk factors for the              has kidney problems and you are worried it may
                 condition can help you to take               affect others at some stage, it is worth talking to
                                                              your doctor to have kidney function tests arranged.
                necessary measures to try and
        increase the life of your kidneys and

             keep you feeling your best for as
                                    long as possible

           As discussed in the previous section, diabetes
        may lead to CKD and people with diabetes have an
        increased chance of developing CKD.

           If you have high blood pressure (hypertension),    BEING SEVERELY OVERWEIGHT
        you have a higher chance of developing CKD.              If you are severely overweight or obese, you
        Equally, people with CKD can also develop high        have a higher risk of developing hypertension,
        blood pressure so the two conditions are closely      diabetes and heart disease and, therefore, also
        interlinked.                                          have a higher risk of developing CKD.

        BEING OLDER                                           OTHER RISK FACTORS
           Kidney function naturally declines with age and       There are a number of other risk factors for
        people aged over 50 are also more at risk of high     CKD that are less common. These include
        blood pressure and diabetes, both of which can be     glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the kidney’s
        contributors to CKD.                                  filters), nephrotic syndrome (excess amounts of
                                                              protein in the urine), lupus (an autoimmune
        FAMILY HISTORY                                        disease) and prostate obstruction (an enlarged
           Not everyone with a family history of kidney       prostate can affect normal urine drainage from the
        disease or reduced kidney function will go on to      kidneys).

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