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                                    BENEFITS OF

                     EARLY INTERVENTION

                s previously mentioned,
                it can be difficult to
        Adiagnose CKD at an early
        stage as many patients may not
        have any symptoms until the
        disease is at a more advanced
           You    may,    however,    be
        fortunate to have the existence
        of the disease detected early
        due to blood testing for some-
        thing else or because you have
        shown early symptoms.
           As with most illnesses, the
        earlier it is discovered, the better,
        as a credible plan of action can    these actions aim to help your      steps can help to slow the
        be developed between you and        kidney function but they will also  decline in kidney function and it
        your doctor.                        be good for your overall health     is known that in some cases,
           Early intervention is always     and may help with other chronic     they may even halt the decline
        the best course of action but the   diseases you may have like          for a period of time. While the
        bottom line is that at whatever     diabetes, heart disease etc.        exact outcome will not be known
        stage of CKD you are diagnosed,        Everybody is different so some   ahead of time, it is worthwhile
        taking responsibility for your      steps will be more effective for    you making efforts to stop or
        health and its monitoring is        individuals than others. Some       slow the loss of kidney function.
           It is true that your kidney       WHO IS IN CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTHCARE?                      HOURS
        function may worsen over a
        number of years but there are        Hours in a year                                             8760
        steps that you can take to try
        and slow down that decline. You      6 visits to your doctor for half an hour at a time              3
        will read about these steps in       Time you are in charge of your healthcare                   8757
        the next chapter. Not only will

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