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        The first was about your kidneys and what you should  his kidney function is stabilised around 17 per cent.
        and should not eat. I was eating everything I should     “It was at 25 per cent in 2007 and I changed my
        not have been eating. Because my dad had died of      diet. The next time I went back, it was at 20 per cent
        colon cancer, I was trying to make sure it would not  and I maintained that for four years. My belief was no,
        catch me and I was eating lots of fruit like bananas  I can fight this. If I give my body the right tools, we
        and apples and also a lot of veg. I was actually filling  can fight it together.”
        myself with potassium and I had not realised it.”        In 2009, Peter had to give up work as he was so
           Peter lost weight by particularly cutting back on  fatigued due to his kidney problems. He and his wife
        bread and potatoes.                                   were also caring for their special needs daughter.
           “You just have to change your diet so you do not      Peter credits his diet with helping him slow down
        eat the things that do not agree with your body. It   the deterioration of his kidney function.
        does not bother me now if there are foods around         “The diet was critical – absolutely critical. If I hadn’t
        that I cannot eat – my wife has low potassium so she  found the diet and stuck to it, I’d be on dialysis by
        eats bananas.                                         now, definitely. I have a lot more energy now too.”
           “They are in the house but it
        does not bother me at all. The
        only times that can be a bit     Peter walks a lot
        harder are when everyone        to keep active and
        gets together – like
        Christmas and Easter –         always opts to walk
        and there is chocolate and    instead of taking the
        things in the house. But I       car if he is going
        just try and put them out of
        my mind and have zero           somewhere local.
        tolerance for them.
           “It took a few months to get an
        appointment to see a dietitian and I had changed my      Peter walks a lot to keep active and always opts to
        diet by then. She said I was doing the right things.”  walk instead of taking the car if he is going
           Peter says one of the best bits of advice he got for  somewhere local. He does not smoke and has been a
        his health came from a nurse who was taking a blood   non-drinker all his life.
        sample.                                                  He now volunteers his time to set up websites for
           “There was a new nurse on duty and she asked       groups in the local community. He also assists the IKA
        who my consultant was. I told her the doctor’s name   in computer technology.
        and said, ‘He is looking after me’. She did not seem to  “I have three grandkids and I want to be around a
        hear me so I repeated his name. She said, ‘No, it was  long time to see them grow up. My ambition is to keep
        the last bit you said – he is looking after me’.      going the way I am going and stay away from dialysis
           “She asked me how many times a year I see the      and transplantation.”
        doctor and I said about four times a year and maybe      He says that being diagnosed with CKD, like any
        for just a few minutes a time. She said, ‘He might be  chronic illness, was hard.
        guiding you but who is looking after you?’               “It is a shock and you naturally want to walk away
           “I said, ‘Well, if you put it like that – it’s me, isn’t it?’  from it. But when the shock wears off, you have to
           “The nurse said, ‘Don’t you forget it’. It really made  figure out what you are going to do. I think you have
        me think, ‘Whoa, I am in charge of my health’.”       to have a positive attitude – when I was told there
           Peter was told that by 2010, he was likely to be on  really was little that could be done for me, something
        dialysis as he was losing 5 per cent kidney function a  clicked with me and I thought, ‘I am going to do
        year. Yet now in 2013, Peter still is not on dialysis as  something for me’.”

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