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        It is a shame that we are not taught more about
        nutrition at school as it is true that ‘we are what
        we eat’. Often we end up eating the wrong

        foods because we just are not educated
        enough about how food works in the
        body and what we need in terms of

        protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins
        and minerals.
           The kidneys play an important role in
        filtering chemicals like sodium (which is
        the major chemical in salt), potassium and

        phosphorous. We also know that too much salt
        and protein may be bad for the kidneys as they can
        accelerate the decline in kidney function. Therefore it is

        very likely that your doctor or dietitian will recommend that changes are made in your diet if
        you are diagnosed with CKD.

           What you eat plays a very important role in the      If you have CKD and one or more
        management of your kidney health. If you are at         other chronic conditions, you
        the early stages of reduced kidney function, your
        nutrition can play a part in helping to slow the        should see a qualified dietitian to
        decline and sustain your overall health.                check that the dietary advice you
                                                                are following isn’t coming into
        GETTING HELP                                            conflict with your other conditions.
           If this is an area that is new to you, you can seek
        advice from your doctor. It is likely, though, that he
        or she will refer you to a dietitian to obtain more in-
        depth information. Make sure you see a fully          DIETS FOR OTHER CONDITIONS
                                      qualified dietitian or     The advice on following pages is for people who
                                      nutritionist and feel   have CKD. Bear in mind that dietary advice can
                                      free to ask if he or    sometimes differ for people who have other
                                      she has previously      conditions in addition to CKD and can, in some
                                      treated people who      cases, be contradictory (e.g. protein advice for
                                      have CKD.               diabetics differs quite a bit to protein advice for
                                        One resource for      people with kidney conditions).
                                      recipes is the book        Dietary advice may also differ for people with
                                      Truly Tasty. It con-    CKD at different stages. For example, patients on
                                      tains more than 100     dialysis may be asked to reduce their potassium
                                      special recipes for     intake while those with mild CKD may not.
                                      people living with         If you have CKD and one or more other chronic
                                      kidney disease - all    conditions, you should see a qualified dietitian to
                            created by Ireland’s top chefs    check that the dietary advice you are following isn’t
        (                                  coming into conflict with your other conditions.

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