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Trans-fats are considered to be worse for your
        health than saturates and can raise cholesterol
        levels (they’re found in many processed foods that
        contain shortening or partially hydrogenated fats
        e.g. biscuits, pastries and some fast foods that have
        been fried or battered, like chips or burgers).

                                                                 Most people, whether they have kidney problems
                                                              or not, eat too much salt every day. If you do have
                                                              CKD, you will need to watch how much salt you take
                                                              in, as too much salt can increase your blood
                                                                 To reduce salt intake, do not add salt (including
           Good fats include polyunsaturates and              LoSalt) to your cooking or to food on the table. Try
        monunsaturates. The former are found in oily fish     to avoid processed foods that contain a lot of salt
        (e.g. mackerel, salmon, trout and sardines), nuts,    and try to use other herbs and spices instead of the
        seeds (e.g. sunflower and sesame seeds) and           salt shaker.
        certain plant oils, including sunflower oil and some
        spreads, such as olive oil and sunflower spreads.     POTASSIUM
        The most important polyunsaturates are Omega 3           Potassium is a mineral and electrolyte in the
        and Omega 6 oils.                                     body that is important for nerve, heart and muscle
           Studies have also shown that high cholesterol      function.
        levels can have an impact on kidney health and           High potassium levels in the body can pose a
        accelerate the decline in kidney function and that    problem for kidney health and for other parts of
        treating    cholesterols   levels   with    certain   your body including your heart. If this is the case,
        cholesterol-lowering drugs may help lower the rate    your doctor or dietitian will advise that you reduce
        of decline in kidney function.                        your intake of foods that are rich in potassium
           Monounsaturated fats are found in olive oil,       (including bananas, dried fruit, potato, some types
        rapeseed oil, some nuts and avocadoes. If you have    of fish, fruit juices, chocolate, coffee, nuts etc).
        a high potassium blood level, beware of the high
        potassium content of some nuts and avocadoes.         PHOSPHOROUS
                                                                 Phosphorus is a mineral that makes up 1% of a
                                                              person’s total body weight. It is present in every cell
                                                              of the body, but most of the phosphorus in the
                                                              body is found in the bones and teeth.
                                                                 High phosphorous levels can occur in CKD and
                                                              increase as the kidney function declines further.
                                                              High phosphorous levels are linked with
                                                              cardiovascular disease and a higher risk of death.
                                                                 If your levels of phosphorous are high, then your
                                                              doctor or dietitian will advise that you reduce your
                                                              intake of foods that are rich in phosphorous.
                                                              (including meat, milk, cheese, coca cola etc).

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