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VITAMINS AND MINERALS                                 STAY HYDRATED
           A healthy diet usually supplies all of the vitamins   If you are in the early stages of CKD, you will be
        and minerals you need. However, if you are lacking    advised to stay hydrated as normal. Water is a vital
        in particular vitamins, talk to your doctor about     part of life and we need it for our bodies to work
        taking supplements.                                   properly – it helps us to get rid of waste products
           It is known that people with kidney disease may    from the body and for moving nutrients around the
        need an added boost of Vitamin B. This vitamin is     body.
        good for overall health and is actually made up of       If your kidney function has declined significantly,
        eight sub vitamins. Most of these are found in meat,  your doctor may instruct that you restrict your
        leafy green vegetables, dairy and nuts such as        intake of liquids. If this is the case, you will need to
        almonds and pecans.                                   make sure that you do not eat foods that encourage
           Talk to your doctor or dietitian for individual    a thirst (particularly the case with salt).
        advice. As your condition progresses, you may need       Remember that you can stay hydrated through
        advice on the amount of calcium and phosphate         the intake of different kinds of fluid – not just
        you should have in your diet.                         water. Fruit juice, milk, tea and coffee also count
                                                              (although tea and coffee can actually dehydrate
                       DID YOU KNOW?                          you if you overdo them!)

                                                                 You should drink to satisfy your thirst and if you
                                                              start to feel dehydrated (common signs are
                                                              headaches, tiredness and lack of concentration). If
         People with chronic kidney disease are advised
                                                              you have an illness such as fever, vomiting or
         not to eat STAR FRUIT (carambola) or drink its
                                                              diarrhoea, you may want to increase your hydration
         juice. While the fruit is fine for people with
                                                              levels as dehydration can worsen your kidney
         normal kidney health, it actually has poisonous
                                                              condition. If you feel thirsty, you are already
         effects for people who have kidney problems.

         TOP TIP

         Planning meals in advance is a good way to ensure that you
         and your family eat healthy meals throughout the week.
         Choose what meals you are going to make before writing up
         a shopping list.
            When you have the right foods to hand in the fridge and
         larder, it is easier to prepare suitable meals. There is less
         temptation to eat convenience foods or skip meals.

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