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        At some stage of your CKD, you will be prescribed

        medication. You may be prescribed more than one
        medication. It’s important that you understand what
        the medication is treating and how you should take it.
        Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are in any doubt.

        Medications have two names – one is a brand name
        (which is what most people use to refer to it) and the
        other is the approved pharmaceutical name (which can

        sometimes be trickier to say, spell and remember). For
        example, ibuprofen is the name of a type of painkiller
        but one brand of it is Nurofen.


        ASPIRIN                                               not produce enough of it. EPO helps stimulate red
           You may be prescribed a low dose of aspirin to     blood cells. If you are suffering from anaemia, you
        improve blood circulation. Don’t take this without    may need to take it.
        your doctor’s advice as aspirin can affect the
        clotting abilities of the blood and may cause         FOLIC ACID
        bleeding.                                                This is used to produce red blood cells and can
                                                              be combined in a supplement with vitamins B12
        BLOOD PRESSURE TABLETS                                and B6.
           These will help you keep your blood pressure
        levels under control. There are many different types  IRON
        of blood pressure medications available including        If you are anaemic, you may need to take iron
        diuretics, ACE inhibitors, beta blockers and more.    supplements to boost your levels. If you cannot
        Your doctor may prescribe one or more of these        tolerate iron tablets or you are still low in iron after
        medications depending on the level of your            taking them, your doctor may prescribe intravenous
        blood pressure (hypertension) and/or any related      iron.
        conditions you may have. You should listen closely
        to the advice they give you.                          PHOSPHATE BINDERS
                                                                 Your doctor may prescribe a phosphate binder for
        DIURETICS                                             you – to be taken with meals and snacks. This
           These increase the flow of urine in the body and   medication helps control the levels of phosphate in
        are sometimes used to help the kidneys remove         your body. It soaks up phosphate and traps it in the
        excess water from the body. Blood pressure            gut where it can then leave the body as a waste
        medications sometimes have an inbuilt diuretic        product.
        contained within them – talk to your doctor or
        pharmacist if you need further information on this.   VITAMINS
                                                                 Due to your reduced kidney function, you may be
        ERYTHROPOIETIN                                        deficient in some vitamins so your doctor may
           You may need to take an injection of the           recommend that you take supplements.
        hormone erythropoietin (EPO) if your kidneys do

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