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        Your doctor or your pharmacist
        is the best source of advice on
        this but, in general, you should
        avoid the following medications
        if you have CKD:
        – NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory
           medications like ibuprofen);
        – Alka seltzer or baking soda
           (high in sodium);
        – Milk of magnesium or
           antacids containing
           magnesium, laxatives and
           supplements that have
           potassium or magnesium.
           Always check the ingredients
        on herbal medicines as they can
        be contraindicated and many         your doctor if you are                 Right:
                                                                      To help you keep track of
        interact with prescribed            considering taking any   your medication download
                                                                          a Smart phone app
        medications. Please talk to         herbal remedy.               medication reminder

                                                                                Left and
                                                                                7 day pill

                                    TOP TIPS FOR TAKING MEDICATIONS

          ● If you are seeing a healthcare professional for the first time, make sure to tell them what medications
            you are currently taking.

          ● Always follow the instructions on your medications – in terms of the dosage and how often you
            should take them. Also, read the instruction label if one is provided.

          ● Do not use medications that are out-of-date and never take a medication than has been prescribed
            for someone else.

          ● Do not stop taking medication without checking with your medical team. If you feel you are suffering
            a side effect, do let them know.

          ● Having a list of your current medications on your person, in your wallet or handbag is always
            recommended. Smart phone apps are also a useful place to store the information.

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