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              WHAT YOU CAN DO TO LOOK



        BENEFITS                                              lowering your chance of developing diabetes (and
        One of the side effects of CKD is that you may feel   it will improve control of your blood sugar levels if
        fatigued or lack energy due to anaemia. This means    you are a diabetic).
        you will feel lethargic and less inclined to stay        In addition, there is a growing body of evidence
        physically active.                                    that shows that exercise may help to prevent the
           But it is vital that exercise is part of your daily  negative side effects of kidney disease, like muscle
        life – not only for your physical well-being but for  loss and tiredness.
        your mental well-being.                                  Physical activity helps you to produce more feel-
           Being physically fit strengthens your heart and    good hormones – you will release endorphins as
        lungs and improves your circulation. It can also help  you exercise and you will also reduce any excess
        control your weight, help your digestion, lower your  amounts of the stress hormones adrenaline. There
        blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and reduce     is increasing evidence that exercise can also help
        your stress levels.                                   people who are dealing with depression or anxiety
           For a kidney patient, exercise has a positive      and this may be a factor for you.
        effect on all of the areas above along with building     Being outdoors while you exercise also boosts
        your bone health, helping you to sleep better and     levels of Vitamin D, which will make you feel better.

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