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          We often complain that we do not have time to exercise

          but the average Irish person watches television for 18.7
          hours each week. If you substitute even a quarter of that
          time to exercise, you will be well on the road to physical

           If you are in good general
        health, there is no reason      Build up gradually
        why you cannot exercise           if you have not
        but always check with        exercised recently and
        your doctor if you are in     remember, the saying
        any doubt as to how
        much you should push        ‘No pain no gain’ should
        yourself during physical           not be taken
        activity.                            as advice!
           Build up gradually if you
        have not exercised recently and
        remember, the saying ‘No pain no
        gain’ should not be taken as        WHAT TYPE OF EXERCISE                 Cardiovascular activity, as the
        advice! If exercise begins to hurt,  SHOULD YOU DO?                     name implies, helps your heart
        stop what you are doing straight      There are two main types of       and lungs to work more effic-
        away. Always warm up before         exercise – cardiovascular and       iently and will also improve blood
        exercising and take your time to    resistance. Added to this are flex-  pressure and help you burn fat
        slowly wind down when you are       ibility and balance type exercises  for weight loss.
        finishing your activity.            including Yoga and Pilates.           Good cardiovascular exercises
                                                                                include walking, running, cycling,
        HOW MUCH EXERCISE                                                       swimming, aerobics and team
        SHOULD YOU BE DOING?                                                    sports.
           This very much depends on
        your age, health status and
        existing physical fitness. How-
        ever most people should aim for
        30 minutes of exercise every day
        of the week.
           This does not have to be taken
        as a 30 minute block although
        there are more health benefits if
        you do so – if the only option for
        you to exercise is to split it into
        two 15 minute blocks, then that
        is better than doing no exercise
        at all. If you need to lose weight,
        then you will probably need to do
        more exercise over the course of
        a week.

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