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Resistance exercise really focuses on the
                                                                      muscles and encourages them to become
                                                                      stronger. It also improves blood pressure,
                                                                      insulin sensitivity and diabetes control.
                                                                         Resistance training typically uses
                                                                      weights or machines with resistance (such
                                                                      as a spin cycling class) but you can do
                                                                      weight training yourself at home with
                                                                      smaller weights or even bottles of water or
                                                                      tins of beans. Exercises like squats or push-
                                                                      ups also involve resistance training.

                                                   EXERCISE TIPS

         ● Exercise until you are pleasantly tired but do not push to
           exhaustion. The right level will leave you breathless but not
           speechless. So if you are walking briskly with a friend, you
           should be able to keep up a conversation!

         ● To keep yourself motivated to exercise, keep a diary where
           you can note down your fitness plans for the week and check
           them off when you have achieved them.

         ● Choose the right time of day for you to exercise – some people
           prefer to get moving in the morning while others prefer to
           leave it till the afternoon or evening. It is generally
           recommended that you do not exercise within two to three
           hours of going to sleep as the activity may affect your ability
           to nod off.

                                                  ● Remember that
                                                    every day activities
                                                    also count. Use the
                                                    stairs instead of
                                                    taking the lift and
                                                    get off the bus a
              2.5KM 5KM AND 10KM INDIVIDUAL         few stops early to
              OR 4 X 2.5KM TEAM RELAY EVENT
             on SUNDAY, 15TH SEPTEMBER at 12.00PM   give yourself a bit
                   in PARK WEST, DUBLIN 12.         of a walk. Other
                REGISTRATION             ALL
              ADULT:        €15.00     FINISHERS    everyday tasks that
              CHILD:                  WILL RECEIVE
              FAMILY:       €35.00     A MEDAL
              (up to 2 adults and 4 children)       will help you stay
              RELAY TEAM: (team of 4)  €55.00
              EVENT T-SHIRT:  €5.00
                                                    active include gardening, playing with the children or
                Snacks                              grandchildren, painting, washing your car, dancing
               afterwards                           and vacuuming!
                 TO REGISTER LOG ON TO:           ● Anyone can get involved in the training events organised
                    Or contact: Colin in Donor House 01-6205306  Sponsored by  by the Irish Kidney Association in connection with the
                       More details will be posted on the   Transplant Games. And there is also the Run for a Life
                    IKA’s Facebook page and the IKA website:
                                                    event every autumn, which raises funds for the IKA.

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